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Weapons store

Selecting this will take you to the Weapons store, where you can upgrade the Equinox's weapons.

Linear cooling system

Upgrading the linear cooling system allows the Equinox to travel faster.

Linear acceleration system

Upgrading the linear acceleration system allows the Equinox to reach its top speed faster.

Angular cooling system

Upgrading the angular cooling system allows the Equinox to turn faster.

Angular acceleration system

Upgrading the angular acceleration system allows the Equinox to reach its maximum turn speed sooner.

Energy generator

Energy generators allow your ship's energy to recharge quicker. Energy is used whenever your ship is hit, or you fire your weapons.

Quick-flip system

If you have a quick-flip system installed, then at the press of a key, you can rotate through 180° - giving you a better chance to escape.

Weapons disruptor

The weapons disruptor, when activated, will destroy enemy missiles. Note that not all missiles are affected!

Slow-time system

When activated, the slow-time system slows all enemy actions to a quarter of their normal rate. Note that this uses huge amounts of energy, so it is wise to only use it for short bursts.

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Selecting this will return you to the main menu.

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