Main menu

Play game

This allows you to select the next level of your conquest - you will be presented with the current map, where you can select the level you want to play.


Selecting this will take you to the Shop menu. It allows you to upgrade your ship with new capabilities.


This will show you the current map, along with the levels that you can visit. You can use this as a guide to determine how you want to upgrade your ship - for example, if there's a bonus level, you may want to make your ship more capable.


There are 10 'slots' in which you can save your current status, ready to reload if you need to restart, or fancy a break. Selecting this will take you to the Save menu.


This allows you to restore your game from a previously saved conquest. Selecting this will take you to the Load menu.


This allows you to redefine the keys.


This will return you back to the desktop - don't forget to save first!

-- Copyright © Jason Tribbeck 1994, 2002-2004 --