Enemy reference

This contains information about some of the enemies that you will face.


This is the Equinox. It has 12 weapons pods, arranged in 4 banks of 3, upgradeable energy generators, cooling systems, and space for two energy bombs.


These are simple bodies of rock in space. Sometimes they move.


These are produced when you destroy an enemy. Fly over it in your ship to collect the credits.


Once all the enemies have been destroyed, the vortex will appear which will take you back to base. If there are credits left, it is worth collecting these - if you collect them all before going through the vortex, you will get an extra bonus.


These fire at you, if they are pointing in the right direction. However, if they are hit, then they get rotated.


These spin and fire a "Seeker". Seekers will fly towards you, but can be shot. Seekers are impervious to weapons disruptors.

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