Jason Tribbeck's Equinox

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What is Equinox?

Equinox is a game I started writing in around 1992, for the Archimedes. It used filled-in vector graphics for almost everything, and ran in a 320x256 screen mode. Unfortunately, it wasn't finished due to a deeply nested bug that I couldn't track down at the time.

In June 2002, I decided to rewrite it. It's development has been off and on since then (mostly off, I have to admit), but I've now decided that I really must finish it off.

Theory behind the game

Like a lot of space-style games, the idea is to shoot things!

However, there's more to it than that. There are 225 levels, arranged in a 15x15 grid. You start off in the centre, and it is up to you what order you complete the levels in order to finish the game. There is one rule, though - you can only play a level that is direcly adjacent to a level that has been completed. This means that you can only play the centre level, and once this is completed (it's fairly easy - so you can get used to the controls), you can complete the 4 that surround that.

You can buy upgrades to your ship - for example, you can make it fly faster, turn quicker, make it more controllable, more (and different) weapons, weapons cooling systems, energy generators, energy bombs and so on.

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